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Cell Detox - Cellular Detox Support 60 ct

All Natural Herbal Detox Formula
Supporting Cell Detoxification

A cellular detoxification support formula that reduces cell damage from pollution and toxins that may lead to disease. Cell Detox is specifically formulated to support a decrease in extreme toxicity and unusual cell/tissue growth or activity.

Blood detoxification, liver disease, kidney disease, gallbladder disease, blood disorders, auto immune disease, hypoglycemia, boils, gout, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or extreme toxicity.



CHAPARRAL : This herb's ability to disrupt the metabolism of anaerobic organisms makes it a toxic cell fighter.

RED CLOVER BLOSSOMS : This herb supports healing of many kinds of blood diseases.

ECHINACEA : This herb's ability to inhibit degraditive enzymes such as hyluronidase makes it indicated as a part of this formula. Some believe diseased tissue produces hyluronidase which invades other healthy tissue.

VIOLET LEAF : Violet’s mild laxative action increases elimination efficiency.

BARBERRY ROOT : This herb tends to increase secretions and excretions thus improving digestion and assimilation. This is done through the activation of the lymphatic system and ductless glands.

BURDOCK ROOT : This herb has been used for centuries as a blood purifier; clearing the blood stream of some toxins, and as a diuretic. As a natural antibiotic it helps rid the body of infections.

THYME LEAF : Thyme is known to stimulate the thymus gland.

PRICKLY ASH BARK : Prickly Ash is a stimulant to the ductless glands and lymphatic glands. It tends to increase circulation of the blood throughout the circulatory system. It increases functional activity of the organs and glands. It has an ability to penetrate all the glands of the body and has a marked impression on the nervous system.

THYMUS SUBSTANCE : Supports the immune system.

Suggested Dosage : Take 2 to 3 capsules three times daily or as directed by a Health Care Professional

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Enzyme-Enhanced Supplements
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We harness the power of enzymes to improve the body’s absorption of our powerful formulas. Our proprietary “Enzyme Delivery System” (EDS) makes the difference. You get the most of every supplement by increasing the body’s response to every formula. Additionally, Professional Botanicals also uses a proprietary blend of adaptogens in every formula. Adaptogens are an elite group of botanicals that work on a cellular level to support the body’s ability to function, adjust and perform, especially during times of stress.


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