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Jasper Slim Back Belt XL


Price: $52.95


Magnetic Belt with 26, 1000 Gauss magnets- Negative polarity to back area

  • Low Back Support belt with twenty-six 0.1" x 0.4" dia, 1,000 gauss magnets.
  • The 5.5" wide belt tapers to 4" on each end.
  • Features long life cotton pile inner lining with stretch and adjustable Velcro (R) closure for easy application.
  • With 26- NORTH (-) polarity magnets to help to get rid of aches, pain and accelerate blood circulation.
  • Composed by soft material to avoid having have restricted feeling when doing any activities.
  • Fits comfortable under clothing.
  • Supports lower torso and reduces muscle fatigue and strain.

X-Large length of 45"

Material Composition: NYLON 11% / ELASTIC 25% / COTTON 5% / POLYESTER 59% /