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MAG PHOS 6X or 30X



Price: $10.95


Mag Phos. 6X or 30X supports healthy Muscles, Nerves, and Bones. 

Mag. Phos.  helps to provide cells in the body with the mineral salt specific for maintaining relaxation, nervous system health, and helping to ensure rythmic movement of muscular tissue. A deficiency in the Mag. Phos. tissue salt is indicated by menstrual pains, stomach cramps, flatulence neuralgia, sciatica, headaches with darting stabs of pain, cramps, and muscular twitching. [SUBLINGUAL TABS]


  • Relief for PMS
  • Reduces muscular cramps
  • Relieves flatulence.
  • Relieves headaches.
  • 100% natural ingredients.




Acute: 4 tablets every hour. Tonic: 4 tablets four times a day taken dry or dissolved in water. Children: 2 tablets as above.


Other Ingredients:

Magnesia phosphorica 6x H.P.U.S. (magnesium phosphate) in a base lactose USP.




Do not use if imprinted cap-band is broken or missing. Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children. As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product. After several days, if symptoms persist or worsen, consult a licensed practitioner.