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Magnetic Field Strength Indicator

A magnetometer, handheld digital or analog instrument, will not only give you the pole identity but the Gauss, strength of the magnet. HMS supplies the 5-0-5 Calibrated Magnetometer. Same as the one shown but ours has a dial that is calibrated up to five on each side with the needle in zero point. At one end there is a (+) sign, and on the other a (-) sign, telling us the polarity.  If a magnet at one distance measures five, the strength of the magnet is 300 gauss.  The physical mass or size of a magnet also influences the intensity of magnetic wave energy and depth of field penetration. 

Generally, the larger the magnet the deeper the magnetic field will penetrate.  For example, the magnetic field from a small, high strength, 0.2”dia, 2500 gauss magnet will penetrate one to three inches into the body whereas a large 2”X4”X1” 3500 gauss ferrite magnetic block will penetrate one to two feet or more.  With this instrument, you will notice how the magnetic force travels through a hand or if stronger like the N-1 or N-2 through the body.

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