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Dr. Ralph Sierra and Biomagnetic Energy

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Date: 12/21/2020 @ 6:48:28 am
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From Dr. Irma Sierra's Archives, another of her dad, Dr. Ralph Sierra's interview from Feb 15, 1978, Duda

Dr. Ralph Sierra and Biomagnetic Energy

Dr. Ralph Sierra has made a discovery that may well change the course of physical medicine. It is a discovery made in the light of parapsychology and that reveals man as a field of electromagnetic energy currents. In this interview, exclusive to DUDA, he explains the scope of the new science he proposes.


"Look, I'm 73, I can jump the rope like a young man. My hair is abundant for my age and quite dark." Friendly, smiling, he made a demonstration to the audience of the Paranormal Congress that was always surrounding him; it was Dr. Ralph Sierra, who in this way wanted to illustrate the benefit that can be obtained from the magnets he uses as vitalizers.

Based on the knowledge that every human being is a battery, which works through the sustenance of electromagnetic energy currents, the Puerto Rican doctor explained what his therapy is based on magnets, the devices he uses, and the results obtained.

Ralph Sierra is a chiropractic physician, but since he suffered from an incurable ailment for Orthodox science - Menier's disease - and from his quest for some effective remedy, he began to venture into the terrain of man's magnetic fields called "biomagnetism."


According to our interviewee, this new clinical foray will revolutionize medicine, and it is so simple that any man or woman can achieve their own healing. "Cases of cancer, for example," he said, "will be solved simply by exposing the patient to magnet-based magnetic fields, or by making them breathe negatively ionized air."

He noted that with the application of small electrical charges, wounds and bone injuries are healing with a haste three to five times faster than normal and noted: "Magnetism is the key to life. It was Dr. Robert O. Becker who twenty years ago drew the principle of human magnetic fields at New York's Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, in collaboration with his assistants, Drs. Charles Bachman and Howard Friedman. Since then, countless researchers have joined this line."


- Why has these treatments not been given greater importance in medicine in all this time?

- Because this discovery simply represents the first concrete link between physical medicine and parapsychology. The effects of magnetism on the human body have intrigued man since ancient times. Mesmer's works, for example, were considered mysterious and frivolous. Hence the American Medical Association itself has commented that thousands of sick people would be victims of false hope, promoted by tales of miraculous healings, but does not reject the existence of biomagnetism, only that it considers it a very new field.

However, Ralph mentions that the largest volume of scientific information exchange he holds with NASA, whose scientists are currently the most in charge of the body's reactions to the absence of gravity and biological atmosphere, both completely magnetic phenomenon.

He explains: "Each cell in the human system is a small electric battery. The function of glandular organs, bones and tissues of the human body are electrochemical in their functioning and nature. The absence of magnetism in the environment causes the death of any living organism. The electromagnetism that populates our atmosphere is the conducive field of life that sustains physical bodies.

"Magnetism, Ralph felt, "is like an incubator where we receive all the food we physically, mentally and emotionally need.


Citing Becker's basic works, Ralph added: "In 1960, Dr. Becker applied magnetic fields and electric currents to the human central nervous system and discovered that emotional and physical rhythms could be strengthened, and even changed. He also discovered that organized brain activity (direct current) governs patterns of human behavior.

"This evidence is very important for proponents of astrology, as it showed that both electromagnetic and cosmic forces influence biological and mental rhythms. We are subject to the influence of external, magnetic, electrostatic fields and by the polarization of the air we breathe.

"These same parameters have served to conduct studies for other researchers, such as Swedish chemist Syante Arrhenius (Nobel Prize), who proved that the conductivity of ions in the atmosphere coincides with a considerable increase in mentally ill and crimes, every 27 and a half days."

"In Russia, for example, parapsychologists have discovered that such ionization affects extra-sensory human power. In cases of thunderstorms, which cause alterations to the local magnetic field, people cannot concentrate and often lose the psychic and intuitive abilities during that time.


- How does electromagnetic polarity benefit man?

- When we take a shower or even when we only play with water from a basin, strong electric fields are generated. The positive charge goes down the drain, and the negative one stays in the atmosphere. This negatively ionized air is, by an average of 70 percent, the cause of the relaxation we feel as a result of bathing.

"The same negative electrical differential," Dr. Sierra continues, "makes trees and plants grow and thrive. If polarity is reversed, they would quickly die, even a large tree."

"This is why people feel so refreshed after spending a day in the countryside, or on vacation; by the balance of the biomagnetic field that keeps the air open. In contrast, in large urban areas, this field is eliminated by large concrete buildings. Buses, planes, cars, boats and houses are true 'Faraday cameras', i.e., metal boxes glued to the ground, which neutralize earth's magnetic field.

One feels tired and exhausted because the body needs a regular influx of electromagnetic energy. "Not only metal, but also plastic, is just as harmful. Plastics, so common in this modern life, have by nature a high positive charge, 50,000 volts per meter, but without amperage. This reduces man's capacity for action and his resistance to illnesses and diseases.'


All kinds of electrical and magnetic artifacts, from a simple pen-magnet to magnetic enhancers and polarity detectors in the body, has been made by Dr. Sierra, in order to apply the science of biomagnetics. They all appear simple, with his pleasant explanation, and presents them with pride, by the simplicity of them.

He says that every day he increases his research area in the treatment of all kinds of diseases, from regulation of glandular activities, disappearance of gallstones and kidney stones, to heart problems, some types of cancer and mental and nerve disorders.

Among the most notable cures are the removal of cataracts and the pressure of glaucoma. Activate certain types of minerals that in the human body are latent until they get to become proteins. His most famous treatments have been those that he has offered sports stars in bone injuries, and he explains:

"This is a truly exciting aspect. By leveraging the body's regenerative abilities, through electromagnetism, bones, fibrous matter, and broken segments of bones can be grown. For example, we can grow the heart muscle again. In this way, stumps, and amputated organs could increase their rehabilitation capacity."

"We are facing a breakthrough as open and infinite as our minds encourage us to continue," Dr Ralph Sierra concluded.














Dr. Irma Sierra archives of her father Dr. Ralph U. Sierra are posted in this section of In all the articles you will read about our owner and founder’s legacy and purpose of this website and store. These archives includes interviews and written articles about different Science subjects but mostly Biomagnetism.  

You'll read in some of these articles that Dr. Sierra's lab and clinic was in his residence. Remember that by that time in 1975 it was also the residence of her daughter, Dr. Irma Sierra.  Her environment was Biomagnetic Research, Chiropractic, application of magnets, nutritional supplements, accompanying Dr. Sierra travel’s for lectures, so she grew up with the knowledge of Biomagnetism and Chiropractic, plus was also trained by her father to prepare all the magnetic bands and magnets, that today we give them the name Dr. Sierra Magnets.

Get to know Dr. Sierra Magnets.

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