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Health & Wellness by Irma Sierra  |  PROFESIONAL HEALTHCARE

Daughter of a pioneer in Nutritional Supplementation back in early 1960's when there were NO Health Food Store.

Dr. Irma Sierra brought into her life, researching for her health, her family and patients of the Jarrot Sierra Chiropractic Clinic magnificent dietary supplements and products, all 100% natural, effective products, that has changed the lives of thousands. 

Established in 1985, Dr Sierra has experience you can trust. 

Our specific formulations target what you need to get well.  From supplement nutrition to the bones and tissues of the spine and joints, the muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage to modulators of inflammation, acute or chronic, including supplement for the mind, circulation, and managing weight and cholesterol.

  • Inflammation & Immune Health
  • Bone & Muscles Support
  • Supplements
  • Weight Loss & Hair Growth
  • Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Eye, Liver, Lung, Kidney, Prostate Health
  • Stress & Anxiety & Sleep

Dr. Sierra's Naturals are 100% natural made from botanical herbs without toxins. We select only the finest raw ingredients and process in facilities that meet or exceed "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) standards.  Products go thru extensive testing for content, purity and strength, and are certified contamination-free by independent laboratories.  We stand behind our quality. All Non-GMO, Vegetable Capsules, NO corn, soy, wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, milk, egg products, starch, preservative or dyes added.

We know your trust is important, and we are confident in our products. 

That is why she, her family and employees use our products daily!

Dr. Sierra's Naturals are Doctor Formulated, Doctor Recommended

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