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Frequently Asked Questions

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The information expressed in this site is based on Biomagnetic research and our experience with patients and clients.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. HMS products are not intended to substitute your medical treatment and not intended to prevent, treat, cure, mitigate, or diagnose any disease.

  • Why use magnets?

    • Magnetic therapy has been proven scientifically to be a natural therapy to alleviate discomfort and helps or assist the body to maintain an electromagnetic balance naturally.
    • Its uses has been proven to be safe and effective in the majority of cases.
    • It is an economical alternative therapy.
    • It has been used in history for over 2000 years, and although it is old its future brings us great expectation for the use of magnets as a heating agen
    • We live and work in buildings were access to natural magnetic fields is limited,even in cars, electric trains, ships and planes.
    • Damaging force fields bombard us almost constantly as we go about our lives in this modern age. These force fields come from household electricity, televisions, computers, cellular phones and electric blankets, just to name a few. They are damaging because they disrupt the structure of our cells which puts extra stress on the body to restore them or adapt to them. Force fields from properly designed therapeutic magnets assist the body in repairing this damage; thus reversing the effect of the damaging force fields.

  • What is Gauss?

    Magnetic strength is measured in Gauss.

    All Magnets are not created equal

    Most manufacturers of permanent magnets use the term "gauss rating" to characterize their products.  However, this term cam be misleading since "gauss rating" characterizes the core of the magnet but not the magnetic field on the surface of the magnet.


    Magnetic strength is measured in Gauss. For example earth magnetic field is about .5gauss.  A refrigerator magnet is about 10gauss.  Magnets used for therapy should be no less than 500 gauss and up to anywhere of 14,000 gauss.

    Considering only these numbers one would think that a refrigerator magnet is more powerful than the earth. This of course is incorrect, the earth, due to its immense size is immeasurably more powerful. So, really, it the gauss depends on its size, shape and weight.  And choosing the right magnet(s) also depends on the size and depth of the area in the body to be applied upon.

    Unfortunately there is no standard mathematical formula to calculate the strength of a particular magnet. Magnets used for bio-magnetic purposes are described as open-circuit magnets because they do not have supplemental ferromagnetic parts to provide a complete path for the magnetic energy.  We call them static magnets. This would include magnets used in support items, jewelry, mattresses and Dr. Sierra’s Original Magnets!

    The Permanent Magnet Design and Application Handbook, by Lester Moskowitz provide the following definition of gauss:
    Gauss is the cgs unit of magnetic induction.  And what is the definition of magnetic induction.?
    Induction, magnetic (general): The flux per unit area measured at right angles to the direction of the flux.

    If after reading the above definitions you feel that you don’t know much more than you did before reading them, you are not alone.

    Gauss is the most misunderstood term in magnetic therapy, greatly misused by some manufacturers who use manufacturer’s gauss rating to indicate the strength of their products, when in truth the strength of a magnet depends on:
    a) Strength of material (manufacturer’s gauss rating)
    b) Size and weight of the magnet

    A gauss meter is an instrument which can be used to measure lines of magnetic flux at a specific point on a magnet, but that reading provides no information about the total energy of the magnet being tested or about how far the energy will project from its surface.  The magnetometer we use, will confirm the magnets polarity (which has nothing to do with its gauss) and exactly how far will the magnetic energy travel, with or without materials blocking or in between the magnet and the magnetometer.

    Most manufacturers refer to the manufacturer’s gauss rating of the magnetic material when describing their products in terms of gauss. This number will be the same for any size magnet made from the same material and in no way reflect the strength of a particular magnet. Once again, due to the size, it is not a measure of the total energy of the magnet.

    The manufacturer’s rating for our Sierra Acu-Magnets (a neodymium-iron-boron magnet) is 13.800 Gauss.  The flux density on the surface of this magnet, measured using a gauss meter, is 4900 gauss. Its size is 0.2" diameter x 0.1" thick. Our magnetometer, another device used to measure field strengths, reads 2 gauss, a distance of 2 1/2"" from the surface of the magnet.

    Now lets change to a Sierra's Mini Disc magnet (ferrite ceramic magnet).  The manufacturer’s rating for this magnet is 3850 gauss. The flux density on the surface of the magnet, measured using a gauss meter, is 565 gauss. The magnetometer reads 2 gauss at a distance of approximately 1" from the surface of the magnet.

    Now lets evaluate the N-2, Dr. Sierra’s Original magnets.  These are a ferrite ceramic magnet measuring 6" X 4" X 1/2".  The manufacturer’s rating for this magnet is 3850 gauss (the same as the N-1 magnet or the dominoe magnet). The flux density on the large flat surface of the magnet measures 950 gauss at the end, 720 gauss on the sides and 465 gauss at the center. The magnetometer measures 2 gauss at a distance of approximately 20" from the surface of the magnet.

    Other vendors may say or criticize that the "gauss" readings don’t really provide any useful information.  But when you come to think about it, if I want a support for a knee, for example, if the injury is minor or severe, which type of magnetic brace will I want?  Isn’t it easier to choose when you know how many magnets, the material and size of the magnet, with its gauss reading do I will want that to embrace my joint?

    If I knew it has 24 small ferrite magnets of 1000 gauss each or 12 larger neodymium magnets of 13,800 gauss each, will I decide fast?  Has anyone mention polarity?

    We do believe, that it is difficult to market magnetic products on the basis of gauss as this does not give customers all the information needed to make an informed decision.

    The path may not be easy but we feel it is better to provide our customers with as much truthful and helpful information as we can so that they make their decisions based on fact rather than on some fiction invented to try to make a sale.

    As a health care practitioner, I have always told my patients, staff, family, customers, everyone… be aware of imitations. We have been selling and manufacturing magnets, before we, Health Magnetic Store & More, started or openned its retail and internet store back in 2004.  In order to do that we started purchasing magnets from different companies abroad.  If we did not specified the polarity, these arrived with the wrong side facing the skin, your or my body.   Wow that was scary!  That is scary!
    Quality products speak for themselves and do not have to be sold on the basis of misinformation.

    At Health Magnetic Store & More, we strive to give our customers, you, the most comprehensive information about each of our magnetic therapy products so that you can make an informed decision. With our magnetic products you will see the following information listed:
    • Magnetic Material
    Magnetic Polarity
    • Manufacturer’s Gauss Rating
    • Surface Gauss
    • Magnetic Penetration

    Magnetic Polarity
    Each and every one of our magnetic products are designed with magnets that have the correct polarity, negative (North Pole) to the skin and the magnetic strength that is believed to be the most effective for its intended use.   It will also mention when the  South pole is utilized, as in our Multi-Foot steps insoles, that they have both polarities facing the body. 
    There are two types of magnets.  "Bipolar" magnets have repeatable north/south polarity on the same side of the magnet.  These magnets are usually thin and flexible.  "Unipolar" is a term used to distinguish the other category of magnets that are usually "unidirectionally" applied to the body.  The two magnetic poles are located on different sides of the magnet - the south pole on one side and the north pole on the other.  By having both poles on different sides, one may better exploit the basic laws of physics and assure a greater depth of penetration ... generally 4-8 times larger than bipolar magnets.  Be confident that Health Magnetic Store & More will let you know the polarity of each side of the magnet!

    How are our magnets rated?
    Magnets are characterized by three main characteristics. These are known as the:
    1.  Residual Induction (given the symbol Br, and measured in Gauss). This is an indication of how strong the magnet is capable of being.
    2.  Coercive Force (given the symbol Hc, and measured in Oersteds). This is an indication of how difficult it is to demagnetize the magnet.
    3.  Maximum Energy Product (given the symbol BHmax, and measured in Gauss-Oersteds). This is an indication of what volume of magnet material is required to project a given level of magnetic flux.


  • Advantages of using Magnets/ Benefits of Regular Use of Biomagnetic Therapy

    Research suggest that using magnets will:

    • Alleviate pain
    • Reduce inflammations
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Prevent or control infections
    • Promote healing processes

    One of the theories behind this heating power is based on the ability to effect atoms and molecules of blood. Besides iron, that is magnetic, the blood is 80% water. By applying a magnet, the water, hydrogen and oxygen, and iron molecules become polarized and they travel more efficiently throughout the body. This then nourishes the blood with energy to assist with the healing and recuperative powers of the body. Another method is the Nervous System, enhancing the negative, alkaline energy thru the nerve fibers by traveling to all the body.

    •Pain Reduction, a sedating effect on the nerve tissue and accelerated healing.
    •Modulates inflammatory response.
    •Has an arresting effect on bacteria, virus and growths.
    •Promotes cellular health to improve wellness.
    •Promotes cellular rejuvenation. Reduces oxidative stress.
    •Enhances the body's self-healing abilities
    •Enhances quality of life.
    •Improves circulation, oxygenation and immunity
    •Improves detoxification and elimination.
    •Improves sleep, stress reduction and cognitive function.
    •Boosts energy and athletic performance.
    During the healing process the body naturally concentrates the negative electromagnetic field at the site of injury for healing. It must maintain the negative magnetic field at the site of injury in order for healing to occur.  If the body  cannot maintain this action, healing takes longer or it doesn't occur.

    By utilizing North negative polarity magnets you assist your own body to work easier and heal faster without any side effects.    

    Just place the North pole of a MAGNET over the area and the body will respond the same way.

  • How long should I wear them?

    Follow the instructions given on the packages, but it can be a personal decision. Some only use them while in pain and reapply when the pain returns. You can wear them continuously. Use them short term if you want to alleviate pain and accelerate the heating process, however if you can improve your health and well being if you use them for a lifetime.

    For general wellness, it is recommended that you use your magnets 2x/day for a minimum of 30 minutes. This helps to recharge your cells to their optimal state. 
    For pain relief, it is recommended to have the magnet on for a few hours and re-apply as necessary.  You may sleep with all the negative pole magnets you want.
    Based on our Research and patient cases in order to inhibit the infection or tumor growth, it is required direct application of the Negative magnetic field, 24 hour a day exposure.  It is required two, three, or more months of 24 hour a day exposure to a negative magnetic field to adequately treat.  Infected cells and Cancer cells slowly die during exposure to a constant negative magnetic field from a solid state magnet with a gauss strength of 2000 or more.
    •Small NEO or a Dominoe:  Breast lumps, masses, fibrous tissues that you can apply to the skin above the affected area.
    N-1 or N-2 depending on the size and severity: Larger organs, ie Stomach or Intestines (from polyps to diverticulitis, Prostate, uterus, Liver, pancreas , spleen, to be left under a cushion so you can sit over it.
    •Use the neckband with a domino for Thyroid, throat and neck area:
    •Drink plenty of polarized (magnetic) water, Sierra's Magnetic Water pencil or Water cylinder or Water coolers

  • How fast can I expect results?

    Results vary from person to person and can range from few minutes to few weeks. Sometimes it can be so little that you will only notice it when you remove the magnet.

    Let the body tell you what it needs. Every body is different. Every treatment session is like starting over again because the body will have changed at least a little from one day/ session to the next – whether because of the treatment or because of external factors. If the body is readily accepting the treatments keep them at the same duration, intensity and/or frequency or increase to the next step. It is extremely rare, but if it is not accepting the magnetic therapy well at any particular step, decrease the duration, intensity and/or frequency of treatments.

  • How safe are these products?

    Magnets are natural products of the earth elements. HMS uses all north products with a gauss measurement appropriate to living tissue. For other purposes just be sure you use the correct polarity. Besides all research indicate them to be one of the safest forms of alternative therapy available. The World Health Organization (WHO) published this in 1987.

    Plus, everybody knows about the Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI.   In the early 80’s Dr. Ralph Sierra was very fortunate to witness the development of MRI’s.  Where extensive premarketing studies for magnetic resonance imagery of using magnetic energy application to humans found it to cause NO HARM.  And since is not harmful, no further studies were needed. No harm from the negative magnetic field exposure no matter how high the gauss strength or how long the exposure.

    FDA classified the application of magnetic field energy to humans as "not harmful" therefore, no further toxicity studies were needed.


  • How long will they last?

    With appropriate care the magnetic element of the products will last a lifetime. Health Magnetic Store & more (HMS) follows our Dr. Sierra's research on magnets used for therapy.  All our magnets for sale are Permanent magnets, designed to last.  The flexible magnetic bands will loose strength if exposed to heat over 250F, like if left inside a car.

    The body support products material that holds the magnets will endure its normal wear and tear.  There is no need to throw away since the magnets will still mantain its charge and strength.  You may cut them out but please remember to label them correctly, with the North (negative) pole facing the skin.

    We are constantly verifying old magnets, those used by our doctors Sierra, Dr Ralph's Original magnets since the late 1960's and those prepared by Dr. Irma since the mid 1980's.  HMS can only certify the magnets that we sell, sadly, the market now has many imitations that even if you see it the same, the magnets inside might not be strong, one may be without any charge or have different polarities.  We are not only a store, we are Researchers and our owners see thousands of patients on a monthly basis, so we make sure their patients and our clients receive an excellent quality magnetic therapy at home. 

  • When are they contraindicated?

    Do not use if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator. Do not use a magnetic therapy product if you are pregnant or lactating without first seeking advice from your physician. Do not use magnets on the abdomen during pregnancy. Do not use a magnetic bed for more than 10 hours. Do not use magnets on the abdomen within 60 minutes of meals. Do not use magnets if you have a form of cancer without first seeking professional guidance. Be aware that magnets can interfere with the functioning of items in your environment. Keep a 6inch from: music tapes, videotapes, computer software, credit and bank cards with magnetic strips. Keep a 5 to 6 foot distance from CRT screens, color televisions. Do not take the ceramic magnets onboard aircraft. Some watches may not keep accurate time in the presence of a magnetic field.

  • Health Magnetic Store, Inc

    Health Magnetic Store, Inc is a company dedicated to the research of Biomagnetism, specializing in products that effectively work to relieve discomfort, promote healing and well being and balance your energy system. Although we are experts in the field of Biomagnetism we do not pretend to cure and have all the answers. We make a great effort in searching and analyzing magnetic products that will provide wellness; without secondary effects.

    At Health Magnetic Store & More

    We take pride in choosing the best quality magnetic and non-magnetic health products for your complete health and balance.

                 We distinguish ourselves in verifying each magnet's polarity and potency.  

    We have divided the Biomagnetic products by area: like magnetic back supports, magnetic wrist supports or magnetic knee and magnetic ankle wraps.  

    All are North (negative) magnets facing the skin, except when specified as Multi. 

    Choose from our variety of Biomagnetic products like the magnetic massagers or magnetic hair brush. Feel energy when you wear magnetic insoles or magnetic jewelry.

     Sleep and sit in comfort on our Magnetic Pads

    As you will see we carry a therapy magnet for any part of the body. 

    Also we will like you to visit the Pillows and Health and Beauty sections, where you will find excellent magnetic and non magnetic accessories like the magnetic eye and face masks or the  Wave-shield EMF protectors.

     The natural supplements category includes the natural analgesics and our patients favorite topical analgesics (Pain Less Cream, Cryoderm,  Biofreeze  for cold therapy)  plus all the nutritional supplements to aid and support nutritionally every area of your body. 

    Read about our Dr. Sierra's Naturals in both of those sections. 

    Our brands include magnetic products from:

    Jasper, Therion Research, MPH,

    and of course, Dr. Sierra's original.

    Reported effects vary from person to person. HMS is not responsible for the way you use them. Magnetic products are not intended to substitute your medical treatment. Please consult your health care provider before using magnets. The information expressed in this site is based on Biomagnetic research and is still waiting for FDA approval.

    The National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine has a Research Report on using magnets to treat pain that we suggest you read.

    Please link to for more information.

  • Therapeutic Types of Pillows

    1. Accommodate/Displacement Pillows:

      Helps relieve pain or discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing an existing condition. Relieves pain or discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing a new or existing injury or condition. Provides comfort, but does little to correct the condition. Typically for short-term use. When a neck injury or condition is acute (serious or to an intense degree, like whiplash or a significant sprain or strain), the healthcare provider’s goal is to relieve a patient's pain and discomfort before beginning treatment. What's needed is to stabilize and accommodate the condition before moving forward. The same is true for other neck injuries or at the onset of many common problems which affect the head and neck.

      Accommodation/Displacement pillows work well at this stage because they conform to the condition and provide immediate comfort.

      Examples: Chiroflow; Magnetic Memory Foam Pillow; Dreamzzzz Pillow

    2. Orthopedic Support Pillows:

      Support pillows are designed to help a. correct and b. maintain proper cervical posture/alignment while sleeping by providing the right amount of resistive feedback into the cervical & upper thoracic musculature.

      • Correct: Helps eliminate symptoms by treating the cause of the condition. Helps correct the cause of pain, supports treatment to regain proper function. At this stage, orthopedic pillows are often prescribed to assist in correcting the diagnosed condition and to help the patient regain proper function. Allows tissue to heal functionally. Prepares for the maintenance stage. Corrective pillows can help alleviate headaches; neck muscle and joint strains, arthritis and whiplash discomfort and help restore proper nerve function. Supportive pillows are used in this stage of care.
      • Maintain: Ensures continued good health by helping sustain the body in its proper, natural posture. Complements care to help prevent recurrence/progression. Pillows selected for the Maintain Stage should ensure continued good health by providing proper positioning and helping preserve the natural curvature of the neck and spine. For ideal maintenance, the pillow should provide maximum support and comfort. In fact, most people discover that once the normal curvature of the neck is restored, they crave the comfort of maximum support - the reason supportive pillows have grown more popular. Supportive pillows are used in this stage of care.

        Examples: Tri-Core Standard; Tri-Core Gentle; Double Core & Double Core Select Pillows:Cerv-Align

        Special Note: Support type pillows are orthotic devices (like a custom orthotic in your shoe) and therefore may take time to get accustomed to. Healthcare providers should give patients proper education regarding the time needed for training the musculature in accepting the pillow. Although some people can react positively to this type of pillow immediately, others may take up to 2 weeks of gradual increased use through the night. Patient should use pillow to waking tolerance and then switch to previous pillow for the rest of the night. Each successive night, patient should increase time support pillow is used through the night.

    3. Combination Pillows:

      Combination pillows have a quality or an adjustability that allows the healthcare provider and the user to use the pillow though treatment. The pillow has properties that give an accommodative/displacement function and a supportive function.

      Examples: Cervalign; Chiroflow; Magnetic Memory Contour

  • What if I have Cancer?

    You can only use the North pole of the magnet depending on the type of cancer, localization and size. Refer to the section on Cancer ahead in the book. Also in 1991 the “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” published a study and the results were that magnets can reduce the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy or radiation; 65% of the subjects no longer experienced nausea and vomiting after wearing magnets: 25% had minor side effects and just 10% experienced no change.

    They wore a magnet on an acupuncture point, Neiguan, in the middle inner lower arm near the wrist. Just be sure the one you wear has North Pole –negative polarity magnets. We have found that applying the north pole of the N-1 magnet on the abdomen while receiving the therapy diminishes the GI side effects. And when not in use, place them between your mattresses and/or polarize the water to drink.

    The state of acid-hypoxia also has to be present in order for cancer to develop. Cancer Res. 1986 Jun;46(6):2821-6.  Influence of hypoxia and an acidic environment on the metabolism and viability of cultured cells: potential implications for cell death in tumors. A decrease in energy charge of the cells may contribute to loss of viability.

    A peer-reviewed article demonstrating the significance of prolonged exposure of cancer cells to separate positive and negative magnetic fields:  Cancer grows with prolonged exposure to a positive magnetic field, and cancer dies with a prolonged exposure to a negative magnetic field.    (Trappier, Arthur et al. "Evaluating Perspectives on the Exposure Risks from Magnetic Fields" Journal of the National Medical Association, 82:9, September 1990)

    PEMF Comp Med. Aug 2011; 61(4): 339–345.  Effect of Magnetic Fields on Tumor Growth and Viability.  Low-level electromagnetic fields are known and used to halt cancer cell growth.  Voltage is synonymous with electromagnetic fields. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is FDA approved to promote the healing of non-healing bone unions and depression and has been used in Europe for over 20 years with individuals with cancer, migraines, sports related injuries, wound healing and other pain syndromes. 

    In Puerto Rico since the late 1960’s, for over 50 years!!! To over 100 conditions!


  • Can children wear magnets?

    Well, of course! I began at six years old for an earache. Dr. Sierra applied them on my lower abdomen for menstrual pain, never to suffer from that. I recommend them to every girl. Our children started with their first earache or throat infections. They even received polarized magnetic water during gestation, which is the water that I drink, therefore they have continued the tradition, it is beneficial plus it tastes wonderful. The magnets for sports injuries accelerate the natural healing ability of the body. Nowadays for staying ‘charged’ they wear the jewelry.

    Also parents experience their children with less anxiety. However, I do not agree for a healthy child to sleep on a magnetic bed every night. Only if they had a neurological deficit - it will be so beneficial! As a parent I understand how difficult it is to deal with current medical alternatives; medications, excessive antibiotics and immunizations. Be assured using magnets will not cause any side effects. Evaluate your child’s condition and apply accordingly. Also complement with a healthy diet, chiropractic adjustments and nutritional supplements for any vitamin or mineral lacking from their diet. You will see your children grow into healthy adults.

  • Why use biomagnetic jewerly?

    By: Dr. Irma I. Sierra

    Besides being such a beautiful jewelry, wearing magnets in bracelets, rings, earrings, and/or necklaces, they provide a constant magnetic field, which strengthens our body and polarizes the blood that travels throughout our body. As Dr. Ralph U. Sierra used to say:

    We live surrounded by the earth magnetic field. We all know that the earth is a gigantic magnet that is constantly irradiating its magnetic power to every object, persons, animals or plants. Even the ocean waves are under the magnetic influence.

    The human body consists of billions of cells. These cells are composed of molecules, the molecules of atoms and the atoms are composed of protons (+), electrons (-), neutrons and subatomic particles. They have a positive, negative and neutral charge and act as an electrical unit, a battery and therefore they have a magnetic field. Every human body discharges static electricity. The quantity varies in each case. For example you can notice the static when you comb your hair and we can even serve as an antennae to get better signals.

    Because every day we are in less contact with nature we should wear something magnetic. If you work inside with air conditioners, computer systems, cellular phones, electrical appliances, or if you live in a building or surrounded by buildings, less parks or nature, or if you are driving or traveling often, cars, plains or trains, you should wear something magnetic.

    By wearing a constant artificial magnetic field in form of jewelry in your body, The invisible energy will polarize your blood. When this occurs it will improve your circulation and you will feel stronger, with energy. It also reduces the tension of your body because all the normal functions of your body will occur with less work.

    Every injury and maybe all diseases, even being tired, are influenced by electromagnetic fields, natural or artificial. The funny thing is that we cannot exist without a magnetic field!

    So if you are lacking the natural magnetic field of the earth or will like to re-enforce your energy, you should wear Biomagnetic Jewelry. We invite you to browse our extensive variety, from bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings and /or earrings.

    ©2017, HMS.

  • Waveshields and EMF Protection

    The vast majority of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the ear piece. Wave shield products have no effect on this electromagnetic energy. They may reduce the strength of electromagnetic-field emissions from cell phone ear pieces by as much as 50-99% depending on the cell phone model. 

    How was the Waveshield tested?

    The Waveshield products were tested by a U.S. government FCC listed lab on several phone models with the following results. Waveshield series 1000 for cell phones and series 3000 for cordless phones block up to 97% of the radiation from entering the inner ear - most of the reports of tumors related to cell phone use have been found behind the ear, the area with the highest level of radiation in the body. Thus, testing was only on radiation entering the inner ear.

  • What is E.M.R.?

    E.M.R. refers to Electromagnetic Radio-frequency Radiation which is the potentially dangerous frequency emitted by cellular or mobile phones. High frequency ionizing forms of radiation exists as X-rays, Gamma rays and forms of nuclear radiation known to be hazardous . Non-ionizing radiation of lower frequency ionizing forms such as early cell phones were thought to be safe. That view has changed since cell phones and mobile phones have grown in strength from low-level radio waves to high-level microwaves.

    No scientific study has proven conclusively that the use of cellular phones is hazardous to human health, yet continued use of higher frequency phones could adversely affect the central nervous system, diminish the effectiveness of the immune system and facilitate the development of cancer according to scientific research. Perhaps this is why governments and health organizations worldwide are spending millions of dollars towards on-going research to determine the long term effects of exposure to E.M.R from cellular and mobile phones.

  • What is S.A.R.?

    S.A.R. or Specific Absorption Rate of Radiation is used to measure the amount of radiation that the human body absorbs from any source, including cellular phones. The F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission) sets limits as to what they deemed were safe levels of radiation from cell phones. In the beginning when analog phones were 800-900 MHZ of power, most of the cell phones manufactured met these safe guidelines.

    However as manufacturers raised the power of their phones up to 1800-2000MHZ and analog was replaced by digital, the majority of the cell phones now exceed the safe levels set by the F.C.C. In fact the manufacturers continue to lobby to have the levels raised, so they may keep increasing the power of the phones. The highest S. A. R. in the body is in the ear, thus the concern about excessive cell phone use and the strength of the signal.

  • Why use magnets North Pole (with Negtive Polarity)?

    The North Pole, Negative   The South Pole, Positive

    Relaxes                                  Stimulates

    Reduces/relieves pain            Increases pain

    Produces more alkalinity         Acidifies

    Reduces inflammation             Increases inflammation

    Brings oxygen to the cells        Diminishes oxygen

    Attacks infections                     Increases infections

    Reduces insomnia                   Stimulates wakefulness

    Regulates body function          Stimulates body functions

    Produces mental lucidity          Causes mental blurriness

    Reduces fat accumulation        Stimulates fat deposits

    When you apply the north pole of a magnet, it acts to reduce the acid content of the system, controls infections and is very effective in the relief of common ailments.  Sierra explained it like this:  “The pain comes from an injured nerve, inside the nerve fiber has negative ions and outside we have positive ions.  Excess of positive ions causes pain, because it is acid.  Therefore applying the north pole of a magnet, the negative alkaline pole, it reduces the acidity and reduces the pain and inflammations.  

    During the healing process the body naturally concentrates the negative electromagnetic field at the site of injury for healing. It must maintain the negative magnetic field at the site of injury in order for healing to occur.

    If the body  cannot maintain this action, healing takes longer or it doesn't occur.

    This happens with arthritis, backaches, toothaches, neck pains, headaches, sore throat, stomachaches, colds, PMS, cataracts, glaucoma, asthma, and heart conditions among others. The North Pole tends to diminish the size or growth of a bone spur, tumor, as some types of cancer. It relieves pain and reduces inflammations; in the majority of cases the arthritis spurs are reduced.  Its energy acts to control or dissolve calcium deposits. If there were hemorrhage, its force will act to slow down the quantity of blood within the capillaries.  It also attracts the potassium ion that is necessary for cell maintenance in health conditions; a good example is the need potassium for mental health, heartbeat, and with heart surgery.  Milk, fruit and vegetables can be kept fresh longer under the influence of the North Pole.  If under the South Pole they will ripen faster.  Plants will grow short but thick with the North Pole.  This can be a fun project for a scientific fair.”

    By utilizing North negative polarity magnets you assist your own body to work easier and heal faster without any side effects.  Just place the North pole of a MAGNET over the area and the body will respond the same way.


  • How to find the poles of the magnet?

    A magnet is a loadstone or a body having the property of attracting iron and producing a magnetic field external to itself.  It has the ability to attract and repel another magnet, or when suspended by a thread to correctly identify the poles.  As we know, there are two poles in the magnet -the North Pole and the South Pole. These two poles of the magnet have prompted researchers to give the name Biomagnetics (Bio= Two).

    How to find the poles of the magnet?

    The simplest method is to suspend a bar magnet with a thread tied in the middle. The two ends will then automatically face the north or south side. The end that faces the south side is called the North Pole and the end facing the north side is known as the South Pole.

    The simplest way is to have a domino magnet that is already identified/ marked with one pole of one color and the other pole of another color. We prefer for the south pole the color red as it indicates STOP / DANGER; and the north pole either blue or green indicating GO. Then test them against the other magnet, remembering that equal poles repel and different poles attracts. For exmple: If you put the north pole of the already marked magnet (we like the dominoe magnet) to the in-identified magnet and you feel they stick together, then that side is the south pole but if you feel repelling, you know that will be the north pole.

    Another method is to test the magnetic poles with the help of a Magnetometer. It is an instrument for measuring magnetic intensity, specially, of Earth's magnetic field. Magnetometer is a small instrument with a needle and the dial that is calibrated up to 5 on either side with the needle at the center, which is the zero point. The zero point is marked 0 on top and marked “TEST” arrow at the edge below. At the right side end after the calibration point there is a + sign.  We know that the North magnetic energy moves to the left and the South positive energy moves to the Right.

    This is how we test every magnet:

    Lets say we are testing the Hand cylinder magnet, that is much like a bar magnet. When the end of this magnet is brought near the “TEST” arrow point, the needle is deflected either to the right  + sign or to the left, - sign. When the needle is deflected towards the + sign, it is the South pole of the magnet and when the deflection is towards the other side to the left it is the North pole of the magnet.

    All our therapy magnets are different Poles at each face of the magnet the other, North are on one side and South is on the other.  When facing the body with these magnets only one polarity will be in contact with you. Testing our therapy magnets with the magnetometer is just like we do with the bar magnets.  We place the magnetometer to the magnet and mark accordingly to where the needle fluctuates.

    If the needle moves to the Right is South and vice-versa, if it moves Left is North.

    There is an additional advantage with the Magnetometer.

    When a particular pole of the magnet is brought near the center point, the needle deflects towards a particular end. When the needle reaches the figure 5, the distance between the magnet and the Magnetometer is measured.  If a magnet when at a distance of one inch deflects the needle to figure 5, the strength of the magnet is taken to be 300 gauss. Gauss is the unit of magnetic induction named after Karl Gauss, the German Mathematician (1855). Every magnet has a force that is measured in Gauss, which is also important for achieving cellular change. A refrigerator magnet has only 10 gauss, however a magnetic point starts from 800 gauss to 3,750 gauss.  Hence, the Magnetometer helps to find out the strength of each magnet used for a research/ therapy project.

    Observe the strength you feel when you try to attach two magnets of the same pole. You can not see the invisible force, but you can feel it. That is the magnetic force that enters the body.

    We may summarize the poles of magnet as bellow:

    Geographic South= Magnetic North= Negative = - ve

    Geographic North= Magnetic South= Positive = + ve

    All Dr. Sierra’s, both Ralph’s and Irma’s research, their extensive work with patients and magnets they apply on patients and sell in store FOR OVER 60 years. In our store, website, chiropractic clinics and Dr. Sierra’s book we refer the poles as mentioned above.

    All the magnets available in our store are marked as  + ve and  - ve.

    The magnets should be used as the Poles mentioned above.

  • Types of Magnets Available

    There are many magnets on the market, put on supports or girdles. The products that Health Magnetic Store & More offers you have been evaluated, and analyzed to compete with the magnets that Dr. Sierra prepared with his own hands. Dr. Jarrot and Sierra have used them for many years with excellent results for personal use and with their patients. The magnetic energy they provide (from 750 to some at 13,750 Gauss) and the material in which they are prepared withstand daily uses. In addition HMS continues with the original magnets of Dr. Sierra. Among them, magnetic goggles, neck bands, back bands, or whatever area you want, cylinders, ceramic plates for different uses, magnetic pencil to polarize water, bracelets with magnets and his book Energia Magnetica o Biomagnetismo, or get the Revised edition Power in a Magnet, which contains both books, Dr. Irma’s and Dr. Ralph’. Energia Magnetica is only puclished in Spanish, and found as well in El Poder del Iman, written by Dr. Irma.

    The magnets used and sold by HMS are magnets prepared with a single pole on each side of the magnet or support. It is necessary to separate the negative energy from the positive energy, which can be applied separately according to the condition. The larger the magnet, the deeper the penetration of magnetic energy, is a direct relationship.

  • Why should I drink magnetic polarized water?

    Four fifths of the body is water- almost 80%.  Water is fundamental for all metabolic processes of the body, also to transport the nutrients inside and outside of the cells.  Without water the body will dehydrate.  There’s controversy about how much water we should drink.  Let it be mineral, spring or distilled water, we should polarized it by applying a magnet.  

    By itself, water has no magnetic properties, like attracting metal, but it can be magnetized, polarized.  You can place a magnet under a glass, jar, bottle or gallons of water, and depending on how much water you can leave it for minutes to hours, even forever as we have our five gallons.  The molecule of hydrogen in the water (H2O)  changes its rotation reacting better with the oxygen molecule. It acquires an electric charge.  Its effects can be observed through your urinary and digestive systems. It has no contraindications. 

    In fact, for our daily use, we have prepared a small magnetized flexible disc that you can attach to the water bottles. 

    Have you heard of the medicinal water around the world, that people travel to? Is it because the area is so magnetized. 

    After 48 hours it looses the magnetic power, that is why we suggest to have a magnet or the magnetic pencil with you so will always drink this water.

  • Qué es la Terapia Magnética?

    Es simplemente el aplicar un imán al cuerpo con la polaridad correcta y cantidad de energía apropiada para el área de usarse.  90% de las veces se utiliza el polo Norte y el gauss apropiado debe ser no menos de 800 gauss y no más de 12,000 gauss.  Gauss es la medida del imán, lo mismo que voltaje mide una bombilla.  Mientras más alto el voltaje mejor alumbra la bombilla, lo mismo es el imán- y su tamaño también depende del área que desee alumbrar (o tratar).  Lo puede usar en su hogar, en su oficina, mientras guía o hace ejercicios.   



    Beneficios Clínicos Bajo Investigación:        1. Habilidad de reducir el dolor.

    2. Capacidad de sanar huesos, tejidos, músculos y nervios.

    3. Prevención y reversión de enfermedades crónicas.

    4. Propiedad Antibiótica al cual microorganismos no pueden desarrollar tolerancia.

    5. Efecto de tener más oxigeno disponible y por lo tanto más energía.

    6. Estimulación Acumagnetica y habilidad de balancear.

    7. Estimulación de excitar o inhibir neuronas.

    8. Promueve el sueño.

    9. Realza actividad atlética debido a que reduce la acumulación del acido láctico 

    (Balancea el pH).

    10. Procesa las toxinas.

    11. Reduce el Stress causado por la contaminación electromagnética.

  • ¿Son todos los productos magnéticos iguales?

    No, no todos los productos magnéticos son iguales. Hay muchos imanes en el mercado, puesto en soportes o fajas.  Los productos que Health Magnetic Store & More le ofrece han sido evaluados, y analizados a que compitan con los imanes que él Dr. Sierra preparó con sus propias manos.  Los doctores Jarrot y Sierra los han utilizado por muchos años con excelentes resultados como uso personal y con sus pacientes. La energía magnética que brindan (de 750 a 12,000 Gauss) y el material en que son preparado resiste los usos diarios.  Además HMS continúa con los imanes originales del Dr. Sierra.  Entre ellos, espejuelos magnéticos, bandas de cuello, espalda, o del área que quiera, cilindros, planchas de cerámicas para distintos uso, inclusive para polarizar el agua, pulseras con magnetos y su libro Energía Magnética o Biomagnetismo. Los imanes utilizados y vendidos por HMS son imanes preparados con un solo polo en cada cara del imán o soporte.  Es necesario separar la energía negativa de la positiva, cosa de poder ser aplicado separadamente según la condición.  Mientras más grande el imán más profundo la penetración de la energía magnética, es una relación directa.

  • ¿Qué son los iones negativos?

    Los iones negativos son partículas que se encuentran en el aire que se forman cuando hay suficiente energía actuando sobre una molécula como para expulsar un electrón. Este electrón desplazado se adhiere a una molécula cercana, que entonces se convierte en un ion negativo o ANION. La molécula original (menos un electrón) es ahora un ion positivo o CATION. Estos iones reaccionan con el polvo y otros contaminantes para formar partículas más grandes que respiramos. 

    Hay muchos estudios sobre los efectos de los iones sobre la salud realizados por investigadores profesionales los cuales coinciden en que nuestra salud depende de la cantidad y la calidad del aire que respiramos. En la naturaleza los iones se forman de varias maneras, la mitad se crea por gases radioactivos y sustancias radioactivas de la tierra; la otra mitad se produce por los rayos cósmicos, los rayos ultravioleta, la fricción del flujo del aire, la lluvia, las cascadas y las plantas.

    Usted experimentó el efecto de los iones negativos la última vez que estuvo en la playa o que caminó bajo una cascada. Aunque la sensación de euforia que sintió podía deberse en parte a la belleza que había a su alrededor o a alejarse de la presión diaria del hogar o del trabajo, el aire que circula en las montañas y en la playa contiene miles de iones negativos, muchos más de los que hay en la casa o en los edificios de oficinas, que registran números muy bajos (en los cientos y en ocasiones hasta cero). Luego de una lluvia fuerte o de una tronada muchas personas notan una sensación de bienestar, que se debe a las grandes cantidades de iones negativos que genera la lluvia.

    En términos generales, los iones negativos aumentan el flujo de oxigeno al cerebro, resultando en un mayor estado de alerta, una disminución del mareo y por consiguiente más energía mental.

    Hay de 200 a 500 iones por centímetro cúbico en el aire limpio en un ambiente exterior ordinario y de 100 a 200 iones por centímetro cúbico en el aire limpio en un ambiente interior, mientras que en el bosque o la playa la cantidad de iones es de alrededor de 1000 a 2000 por centímetro cúbico de aire, que es la cantidad a la que los humanos responden favorablemente.

  • ¿Qué es y hace la Valeriana?

    La valeriana (Valeriana officinalis) es una planta perenne oriunda de Norteamérica y Europa, tiene flores de color rosáceo que crecen de su raíz tuberosa o rizomas. Se cosecha cuando la planta alcanza los dos años, la raíz contiene varios compuestos importantes, incluidos los valepotriatos, ácido valeriánico y otros aceites esenciales.  

    Se debe señalar que la Valeriana tiene un fuerte olor, tan intenso que muchos usuarios nuevos creen que es debido a su descomposición y se trata de un ‘lote malo’. Su olor ‘desagradable’ es completamente normal y es natural e incluso atrae a los gatos, de ahí su nombre popular de “hierba de los gatos”. 

    La Valeriana se ha usado durante muchos años como agente tranquilizante del sistema nervioso, en la respuesta al estrés y como inductor de un sueño sosegado. Aunque desde hace algunos años existen otros agentes que brindan similares beneficios, aún se emplea la valeriana y es uno de los más populares remedios medicinales de origen vegetal del mercado, ampliamente difundido en Europa y en especial en Alemania.  

    La Valeriana ha sido usado como una ayuda de sueño durante más de 1.000 años. Su capacidad para ayudar a relajar el sistema nervioso central, promover sentimientos de calma, disminuir los niveles de la ansiedad y el estrés y mejorar el sueño son conocidos mundialmente. La Valeriana no causa aturdimiento matutino y es no-adictiva. Puede ayudar a su cuerpo a relajarse tomando Valeriana en nuestro producto Relax-S.

    ¿Qué estudios científicos dan pruebas que apoyen  el uso de la Valeriana?

    Se estudió el efecto de la Valeriana sobre las medidas de sueño, subjetivamente controladas, en 128 personas. Cada persona recibió 9 muestras para probar (3 con placebo, 3 con extracto de valeriana de 400 mg y 3 con una preparación de valeriana registrada de venta libre). Se tomaron las muestras, se identificaron sólo por un número de código y se presentaron en orden aleatorio, en noches consecutivas.

    La valeriana produce una disminución significativa en las puntuaciones de latencia del sueño evaluadas subjetivamente y una importante mejora en la calidad del sueño: esto último fue más notable entre personas que se consideraban a sí mismos como con problemas para dormir, los fumadores y las personas que pensaban que normalmente tenían las largas latencias de sueño. Otros síntimas, como despertarse de noche, retirada del sueño y somnolencia matutina, no se vieron mejorados por el uso de Valeriana.

    Valeriana: Como relajante muscular

    • Favorece una relajación saludable

    • Puede ser útil para relajar los músculatura espinal

    Valeriana: para una buena noche de sueño

    • Permite dormir sosegadamente

    • Los estudios indican que la valeriana puede estar involucrada en la modulación de la actividad cerebral

    • Puede ser útil para relajar los músculatura lisa del tracto gastrointestinal


    • Si está embarazada o amamantando, consulte a su médico antes de usar Valeriana.

    • Si está tomando Valeriana para ayudarle a conciliar o mejorar el sueño, los profesionales recomiendan reducir su dosis si se produce somnolencia matutina.

    • La valeriana puede causar somnolencia. Tenga cuidado cuando conduzca o realice tareas que requieren lucidez mental.

    • La valeriana puede aumentar los efectos del alcohol.   

  • Magnetic products can help with?

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  
    • Tingling or numbness of the extremities
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Bursitis
    • Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Back or Neck Pain
    • Knee, Elbow or Shoulder Pains
    • Many types of Inflammations
    • Headache and Migraines
    • Muscle Spasms
    • T.M.J. and more

    Ask us how a magnet can help you!

  • Healing Power of Magnets

    With continuous use magnets have helped regenerate or repair injured tissues. 

    -One of the theories behind this healing power is based on the ability to affect atoms and molecules of the blood.   Besides iron, that is magnetic, the blood is 90% water.  By applying a magnet, the water, hydrogen, oxygen, and iron molecules become polarized and they travel more efficiently throughout the body.  This then nourishes the blood with energy to assist with the healing and recuperative powers of the body.  It gives the body organization.  And another theory is the way the magnetic energy interacts with the nerve cells, which is explained in a later chapter.   Studies of cell membranes, especially in nerve and muscle cells, indicate that when a cell is at rest there is difference between the ions concentration inside and outside the cell.  The functioning of the cells and nervous system of every living being is based on direct current (DC) and pulsed DC energy. Without this energy, there is no life. Each individual cell possesses a positive electrical charge at its nucleus and a negative electrical charge on its outer membrane.   Dr. Irma Sierra’s book Power in a Magnet give a full explanation from a chapter on physiology of nervous tissues G. Tortora Principles of Anatomy and Physiology book.  Understanding the normal physiology of the Nervous System, we can appreciate that an effective nervous conduction depends of stimulus and ionic changes. Nerve cells and blood cells have different electrical charges.  Nerve cells have negative charge inside and positive outside.  Blood cells have positive charge inside and negative charge outside.  We use the known laws of electricity and physics:  different poles attract and same poles repel.  Look what happens when you decrease body pains using north polarity of a magnet, the negative pole to the nerve fibers and endings.

    When there are inflammation or muscle spasms and the person feels discomfort or pain, the positive ion (K+) stays excited at the surface of the nerve fiber, acid levels are elevated. The negative (alkaline) magnetic energy is applied to the excess positive charge (acid) outside the nerve cells, under the skin.   The negative charge of the magnet attracts the positive ions that are excited at the surface of the nerve cell’s membrane.  This also simulates the flow of the bio-electric energy, interchanging the positive charge outside with the negative charge of the applied magnet. Then the positive energy flows to the negative pole, negative energy, and a pathway is established for the positive electromagnetic energy existing in the nerve to be directed to the magnet’s negative energy, the North Pole. In other words, there is a bleeding of sensitive positive energy to the energies of the North Pole.  This REDUCES the positive charge outside the membrane by the laws and principles of transfer and interaction.  Sedation of pain or discomfort is understandable, as the sensory energy flow to the brain is reduced.  You can compare this to an anesthesia, caused by the application of magnets, or Biomagnetism.

    In addition, the brain and the spinal cord orientates to the positive pole in relation to the peripheral tissues of the central nervous system (CNS) that are orientated to the negative pole.  When you get an injury, the brain, as a natural response, sends negative ions to the area to heal.  Conditions such as infections, convulsions, and emotional disorders, toxic and acid states are stimulated by positive magnetic energy.


  • How do we explain Biomagnetism?

    Biomagnetism is the science of applying magnetic fields to biological systems to obtain healing in the affected part.  It is a science in that magnetism works and is similar to electricity and its application is an art because it involves a careful selection of different magnets potentials to apply to the affected area. It is a treatment system, with a broad field of therapy.  You simply apply a magnet over the area that is sick and its function is to bring that sick condition to one of healing.  By using magnets we are helping and strengthening the natural energies of the biological systems, like we were charging our batteries.

    Let’s return to basics.  Our body is electric; it is composed of billions of cells, of which each and everyone is an electric unit.  The cells are composed of molecules, the molecules of atoms and the atoms are formed by protons (+), electrons (-), neutrons and subatomic matter. They have positive, negative and neutral charge.  They act as a battery; therefore they carry a magnetic field.  In an optimum state of health the tissue cells will vibrate or resonate at a determined frequency.  So when this frequency is altered, we can expect changes in the cells vibration and sickness begins.  Modern medicine has come to depend upon such high tech diagnostic procedures as the (ECG) electro-cardiogram, the (EEG) electroencephalogram, the (EMG) electro-myogram to measure the electrical activity in the heart, the cerebral cortex and the skeletal muscles respectively. If there were no electrical energy in the body, such tests would not be possible. 

  • Why we choose North Pole magnets, Negative (-), magnetic energy?

    Health Magnetic Store & more specializes in Therapeutic Magnetic Products that offer Healing Magnetic Therapy. The side of the magnet in 99% of our products is North pole- negative energy.  Negative (-) in the sense that it alkalinizes the nerves Positive ions, which are acid.  Acidity, those positive (+) ions, causes the pain or irritation or continuous action potentials thru the nerve fiber and ultimately to the nerve endings.  This action potential is firings of the nerve impulses that does not permit the nerve and tissues they innervate rest.  That is a the reason you can feel pain to numbness or tingling or weakness.

    The negative (-) ions of the magnet will flow to the positive (+) ions of the nerve cells- alkalinizing the membrane- neutralize those excess positive (+) ions in the membrane of the nerve cells, therefore, neutralizing, calming or balancing the ionic flow.  This travelling or flowing of negative (-), alkalizing energy, causes nerve cells to finally relax and stop the excess firing of impulses.  The effect on the long run is a sedation of pain or its consequences, because as you know the physics of magnetism, opposite poles attract, Negative attracts Positive and vice-versa. 

    Magnetically speaking the meaning of negative (-) is to subtract = arrest = take away = reduce = diminish.  So utilizing NORTH (-) Polarity is a


    When do they finally Balance?  It depends on several factors.

    1. How long has the firing of the electrical potentials have been going on?  How long have you had it? So that is time. 
    2. How strong was the irritation to the nerve?  All body's tissues and functions have nerve innervations. Muscle, organs, skin, circulatory, hormonal... even emotions. Causes of irritations can be Physical, Emotional or Chemical.  Physical can be trauma, accidents, falls, bad posture, sitting standing for long periods of times can cause excess firings of nerve impulses.  Emotional, loss of something, sadness, depression, inability to handle are causes and reactions to a troubled nervous system and ionic imbalance.  Chemical, not only drugs, prescribed or over the counter medications, or you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, but it can be from eating the wrong or excessive kinds of foods, (sugar, fried, fast foods, wrong carbohydrates) or drinking sodas, can also be damaging to the nervous system.  So the therapeutic North (-) polarity magnets will aid in these issues.
    3. What have you done to alleviate or ameliorate the situation?  If you have relied on chemicals, drugs, prescribed or over the counter medications, or you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, it is obvious that having those acid, positive (+) ions that those negative (bad) substances inside your body have affected the capacity for your innate power of the body to heal faster, like the signals alerting something is wrong are literally drugged.  Your body will have to Re-Learn the pathway(s) to change from acid to alkaline.  The impulses have lost control, so there is a need to wake up the nerve normal transmission, the action potentials that cause all physiological body functions.  So the more your body is free from those chemical substances, emotional issues or physical (traumas) the faster your body will repair and return to a better state of Health.

    The more you wear the North, Negative (-) pole of the magnet, the fastest it will change the ionic imbalance of your nerve cells. 

    Health Magnetic Store, Inc is owned by a family of 3rd generation Chiropractors.  It started in 1948 with Dr. Ralph U. Sierra, the Father of Chiropractic in Puerto Rico, license #1.  In 1969, he established the PR Scientific Laboratory, for the study and application of Biomagnets to the human body, animals and plants. A pioneer in Biomagnetism.  His daughter, Dr. Irma I. Sierra was raised in a Magnetic Therapy environment, utilizing the Therapeutic Magnetic Products basically all her life, and as a Health Care Provider, for nearly 35 years, utilizes Magnetic Therapy and recommends, past and present,  Health Magnetic Store, Therapeutic Magnetic Products to all their thousands of patients.  Her husband of 30+ years, Dr. Jorge C. Jarrot, had to change his old style of living into a new Magnetic philosophy way, and he became a Chiropractor to help more people and change others towards Magnetic way of life thinking and acting! And from this magnetic marriage, the 3 siblings all became Doctors in Chiropractic and continue their grandfather and parents legacy.  And the 3 of them, Jorge, Adrian and Alexandra, since they were born, all have been raised in a Magnetic Therapy environment, utilizing the Therapeutic Magnetic Products all of their life, and as Health Care Providers they also utilize Magnetic Therapy and recommend Health Magnetic Store Therapeutic Magnetic Products to all their thousands of patients.  

    Be assured that Health Magnetic Store & more is here to stay.

    The Magnetic way of living is our Philosophy of Living. 

    Every Universal Law responds to Magnetism. 

    Physical and Spiritual, we are all connected!

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