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Rejuvenating Cream Facial Application

Created by: hms
Date: 12/20/2020 @ 10:42:32 am
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The biggest mistake people make during application of any anti-aging treatment is they simply apply it like their regular moisturizer. Massaging it into their face just to get full coverage and adequate moisture all over.

Wrinkles appear to almost everyone in the same way and direction so below is a series of steps to follow to apply the cream correctly and therefore achieve the best results possible.



You may combine with the MAGNETIC TSUBO MASSAGER except eye and neck area.

The most common wrinkles to appear on your face are not only caused by aging but by the natural expressions you make with your face. They run horizontally along your forehead. These wrinkles should be treated by applying Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cream vertically and upward as shown in the image below. Start above your eyebrows and work your way upward until you reach your hairline.

The forehead movements are very simple. Slide your fingers upward and vertical applying equally to both sides of the forehead. For the center of your forehead, apply in the same manner from the bridge of your nose to your hairline. Then from the bridge of your nose work your way down to the tip of your nose.

The skin on your cheeks tends to be a little more full for most people. Use one hand at the top of your cheek to pull skin upward while applying in circular movements with your other hand from the base of your cheek to your temples. Repeat on the other side.

Upper lip wrinkles are almost always vertical so you will apply horizontally from the middle of your lips toward your ear on one side and then repeat this movement in the opposite direction for the other side.

The eyes and crows feet are a big concern for many. Wrinkles here again tend to run horizontally. You want to apply it to your under-eye area in an upward motion working from the side of your nose out and over your crows feet. You should always take care when applying near your eyes.

For the chin you only need a few circular movements on both sides. Starting at the center of your chin, apply upwards and out in a circular fashion as shown in the diagram. Repeat on the other side. You’re always working your way up and out toward each side of your face.

Wrinkles on the neck can make your neck look short and wide. They are almost always horizontal so apply vertically and downward.

Finally your neckline - Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cream works great on the neckline! Starting in the center, apply horizontally from the center to the right and then from the center to the left.

All of these movements start to make sense when you realize that you’re applying Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cream in the opposite direction of the natural line of each wrinkle and toward the outer part of the face or body. The movements help to counteract the fold of each wrinkle ensuring maximum results.










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