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Why use biomagnetic jewerly?

Created by: hms
Date: 01/31/2014 @ 10:32:58 am
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By: Dr. Irma I. Sierra

Besides being such a beautiful jewelry, wearing magnets in bracelets, rings, earrings, and/or necklaces, they provide a constant magnetic field, which strengthens our body and polarizes the blood that travels throughout our body. As Dr. Ralph U. Sierra used to say:

We live surrounded by the earth magnetic field. We all know that the earth is a gigantic magnet that is constantly irradiating its magnetic power to every object, persons, animals or plants. Even the ocean waves are under the magnetic influence.

The human body consists of billions of cells. These cells are composed of molecules, the molecules of atoms and the atoms are composed of protons (+), electrons (-), neutrons and subatomic particles. They have a positive, negative and neutral charge and act as an electrical unit, a battery and therefore they have a magnetic field. Every human body discharges static electricity. The quantity varies in each case. For example you can notice the static when you comb your hair and we can even serve as an antennae to get better signals.

Because every day we are in less contact with nature we should wear something magnetic. If you work inside with air conditioners, computer systems, cellular phones, electrical appliances, or if you live in a building or surrounded by buildings, less parks or nature, or if you are driving or traveling often, cars, plains or trains, you should wear something magnetic.

By wearing a constant artificial magnetic field in form of jewelry in your body, The invisible energy will polarize your blood. When this occurs it will improve your circulation and you will feel stronger, with energy. It also reduces the tension of your body because all the normal functions of your body will occur with less work.

Every injury and maybe all diseases, even being tired, are influenced by electromagnetic fields, natural or artificial. The funny thing is that we cannot exist without a magnetic field!

So if you are lacking the natural magnetic field of the earth or will like to re-enforce your energy, you should wear Biomagnetic Jewelry. We invite you to browse our extensive variety, from bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings and /or earrings.

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