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Magnetic Therapy Research: Pre-Surgical Use


Use of laser- and extremely high frequency magnetic therapy in the preoperative period before diskectomy.

Miriotova NF, Levitskii EF, Stupak IN, Serebrennikov AN.

Electromagnetic therapy and tractions contributed to reduction of neurovascular structures compression evident not only from regression of clinical symptoms but also from improvement of regional hemodynamics, functional condition of the affected nerves and muscles of the limbs. This prediscectomy preparation appeared an effective conservative treatment for 69% patients. The rest patients benefited from such preoperative preparation which provided stabilization of the patients' condition before and after dyscectomy.

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult. 2002 Mar-Apr;(2):22-5.

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Use of transcutaneous laser biostimulation of blood and a running alternating magnetic field in preparing periodontitis patients for surgery.

Lepilin AV, Bulkina NV, Bogomolova NV, Raigorodskii IuM.

A total of 103 patients with exacerbation of chronic generalized periodontitis of moderate and high severity were treated using running alternating magnetic field generated by ATOS device and transcutaneous laser biostimulation of the blood. These treatment modalities accelerated preoperative treatment and allowed performing the operations on the periodontal tissues in the optimal status under conditions of improved defense forces of the organism.

Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2000;79(6):16-9.

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