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Beauty Pack


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Beauty Pack, Dr. Sierras Favorite 20% OFF

Consist of 6 products, Magnets & Antioxidants plus a free Beautiful Cuff Bracelet

  1. Magnetic Face Mask Dr. Sierra Magnets
  2. N-3 Magnet Dr. Sierra Magnets
  3. Magnetic Tsubo Massager
  4. Rejuvenating Cream Dr. Sierra's Naturals
  5. Magnetic Hair Brush Dr. Sierra Magnets
  6. Chelated C Dr. Sierra's Naturals

PURPOSE: Oxigenating. North negative polarity to skin is used to stimulate facial musculature and blood circulation. It can calm puffiness, redness and smooth facial tightness, so you can feel and show facial muscles relaxation.


Wear Magnetic Face Mask once or twice daily for a minimum of 30 minutes every time, preferably at bedtime- negative pole magnets are strategically placed.   

With just 30 seconds of massaging the facial skin with the Magnetic massager at least once a day is recommended, can also be used after applying the Rejuvenating cream morning and night.  

Magnetic hairbrush carries 2 functions, the brush is excellent for scalp and hair follicles stimulation and the flat side is perfect for just sliding over the skin, eyes, lips as a static massage.

A daily capsule of Chelated C Antioxidant is a fantastic nutrition for cellular rejuvenation. 

You might ask, why the N-3 magnet? Well this magnet has multiple functions and all extremely useful and important.

  • It's an excellent size (2" x 3") and magnetic strength 3750 Gauss
  • Magnetically Polarize a 12oz glass of water (just 1 minute), a 32oz (1 hour) to 64oz pitcher (3 hours)- drink magnetic water at all times during the day. (You may also use Sierra’s Magnetic Pencil)
  • Magnetically Polarize your face lotions and creams
  • An extra: you will have a magnet for any surprise pain or trauma you may have.
  • Being a permanent magnet it will not loose strength and will last many and many years.
  • Note being ceramic it may break if it falls to the floor, so take good care of it.

And of course, no beauty regimen is complete without a facial cream: Rejuvenating Cream Dr. Sierra’s Naturals. This cream is filled with ANTI-AGING, Antioxidants Pycnogenol, Cannabis Oil & Vitamins A, E, C, which assists in Rebuilding Collagen Fibers. Please link here to how to apply it.

Magnets, Stimulation, Face Cream and Supplement.

You will note healthier facial expressions 

Total Cost if bought individually is $270.95.

Offer With 20% OFF is $216.75 plus Free Shipping.

  1. Magnetic Face Mask
  2. N-3 Magnet
  3. Magnetic Tsubo Massager
  4. Rejuvenating Cream
  5. Magnetic Hair Brush
  6. Chelated C

Plus receive a Free Beautiful Cuff Bracelet as Oxigenating the blood is essential for all body cells!